“Everything Works”

My progress this week went into designing my final assembly. It is dependent on if i can get in a larger polarizing filter, however i think I’ve worked out the issues in fixturing the polarizing filters and tape. I also have been scouting locations to hang this up in.

My biggest progress this week was cutting out acrylic sheets (~2x~3) to use as the main planes for the tape.

Since the issues i encountered last week were small, the refinements i made since are also small. Right now i see 3 options for how to display this

1) If i dont get a large enough filter, I could try to construct a multi-layer, but small, final piece (similar to my test, but more complex, using the filters i already have

2) If i get one large filter, i can use a light source to project polarized light in a dark room, and the larger filter to depolarize the final image
3) I can cut the filter in half (or get two) and just hang this up a a kinetic stained glass installation.

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