This piece is part of an ongoing series of short videos developed using “virtual cameras.”  At present, there are thousands of web cams or networked security cameras that are publicly broadcast over the internet. A simple google search reveals countless results for these type of cameras, including many that are perhaps not intended for public scrutiny but are catalogued nonetheless by google’s bots.

This project is based on the telematic practice of “sampling” images from these cameras, whose presence is virtual but whose subjects are real. I meld these found images into time-lapse videos, then use the results as a visual “score” for which I compose musical accompaniment. The resulting rhythms of change, textures of image, and qualities of light form an expressive, subtle portrait of the original spaces, of which the exact actual location is never known.

In addition to manifesting the specific, quotidian character of these indoor and outdoor urban spaces, the works incorporate themes of surveillance, networked communication as a means of bridging virtual and actual spaces, and an unusual approach to sampling and found materials.


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