When I was in Oaxaco I was fortunate to meet Viktor Diaz and the Bemba Klan at the Estudio Cruz de Piedra gallery. They invited me to make a piece for one of their stencil shows, and I got to work and exhibit alongside many of the best young street artists in Oaxaca. I created this piece that expressed ironically my role as an outsider and satirized the many foreign tourists who throng the city.
A year later, during the people’s resistance movement that exploded in Oaxaca in response to brutal suppression of a teacher’s strike, the public artwork created by these stencil artists became one of the most visible manifestations of the struggle. I am honored to have shared a (quieter) moment of cultural exchange with them.



hi josh,
i play in a band called super turista and i came across your image from your exhibit in oaxaca. it’s excellent and i wonder if we might be able to use it and credit you? we’re putting together a myspace page and would like to include it if we can.

hey joshua un saludo ahora estamos en ciudad de mexico te mando mi mail para estar en contacto, donde estas¡?

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