Paper Politics is a major exhibition of politically and socially engaged printmaking. The exhibit showcases print art which uses themes of social justice and global equity to engage community members in political conversation. The show has been displayed at venues throughout the country and in Canada’s biggest political art show ever, and continues to travel.

The exhibition features work by over 200 artists from the US and around the world. It is curated by Josh MacPhee, a Troy, NY-based artist, activist and author, most recently of Stencil Pirates: A Global Study of the Street Stencil.

Paper Politics presents a breathtaking tour of the many modalities of printing: relief, intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, collagraph, monotype, photography. In addition to these techniques, we are delighted to include in the show finely crafted stencils and street printing, traditional media used to convey political thought.

The show’s organizing method draws upon do-it-yourself culture, and like a band on tour, it travels becoming a networking device that connects different artists and communities who were previously unaware of each other’s work.

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