Duet for Alto and Tenor Televisions is a performance piece using an electronic video/music instrument of my own design. In the improvised performance, tiny snippets of historical found footage are obsessively re-examined and remixed into a live sonic and visual collage. Shifting loops intensify the grain of the voice and image, the micro-gestures of the filmed subjects, and the rhythms that fall into and out of phase as the material is dynamically recombined.

The analog synth-inspired instrument consists of a custom hardware controller interface containing a usb joystick control board wired to a variety of knobs and button banks, as well as a pair of mini lcd screens and digital-analog video scan converters. The interface is connected to a Max/MSP/Jitter software application I built, which contains video and audio sampling, triggering, and effects modules.

In 2004 I performed the Duet at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, as part of the SuperSonicScreen event.

Britton Bertran did an interview with me about this project for the now-defunct Panel House art criticism website.

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