Sienna McDowell’s Castle

Floor Plan

Floor PlanPath

The green line is the player, purple circles are items, the red line is the cat and the red line is the basic path of the cat. The player starts out in the ballroom and the cat walks in from the dining room. To avoid the cat the player goes up the steps to the balcony above as the cat leaves. They can’t get back into the dining room. They follow after the cat, who goes into the kitchen and makes quite a few rounds around the place, leaving the player to cut through the courtyard to the entrance. In the library they find the horn. The cat leaves and starts walking along the library, allowing the player to get into the kitchen and get the key to the Dining Room. The player can attempt to backtrack where they started, but they will be seen by the cat and get chased/killed. The player needs to follow the cat to the throne room and sneak in as the door is opened for them. The cat will pace the throne room as the player unlocks the Dining Room.

This will trigger the Cat’s attention, an the player will have to avoid the cat at all costs, with their goal being to get up the stairs to a secret area and get the sword.

Height Plan




The end look for the castle ended up being different from my projected floor plan, mainly because as I was building it occurred to me that it would be odd to place the Queen’s bedroom so close to the ballroom, so i moved it to be above the throne room , where it seemed more fitting.


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