Rachel Burton – Level Design – Kitchen

I decided on making a simple kitchen for my first level design.


This is a quick and dirty castle map I made to get a feel for what I could work with.


Here’s the blueprint for the kitchen level, with a bit of detail.


And here’s a very rough idea of how the level might play out. (The player looks for morsels while avoiding Max’s gaze)

And here are some screenshots of how it turned out:

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4
Here’s a quick web player build I put up on dropbox (hopefully it will work!)

Rachel Burton – Mini Portfolio

  • High poly 3D sculpt (Zbrush)

  • Low poly 3D model (Maya etc.)

  • Photoshop collage or other multi-layer composition


  • Digital painting

  • Drawing

  • Animation (embed links to youtube etc.)

  • Games

If you’d like to play the latest build I have it on my iPad or could send you the APK.

  • Terrible song covers (both in quality of recording and quality of everything else)