Edited Final

Here is an edited version of my final.  Lighting has been improved somewhat, as has audio (turns out the candles were 2d audio sources, my bad).  I also gave a clumsy chase scene up the tower and the cat’s death.  Sorry about my poor animation skills, but I felt it brought more to the game to have badly animated closure than to have none at all.

Also, screenshots (in reverse order).

fs1Dead Cat

fs2Cat attack, AHHHHH!

fs3The Chase

fs4The Dog and The Cat

fs5 Helper Mouse

fs6Mouse Circle

fs7The Tower

fs8The Stables?

fs9The Homeland

fs10Level Design

fs11Tower and Stairs

fs12Detail, unlit homeland



The sound doesn’t loop on purpose.

Final post

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 Untitled-7 Untitled-8 Untitled-9 Untitled-10 Untitled-11 Untitled-12 Untitled-13Here is my final level.

The lighting was better, but unity kept crashing, so this is what it ended up as.

As far as assets:


Borrowed Items:

Wood texture for floor and stairs – Graham

Large stone and texture – Graham

Hanging Lantern and textures – Graham

Candle fire texture and sounds – my.wpi assets

Mortmer rig and texture – my.wpi assets

Spiral and Straight Staircases – Base from Connor Mattson, Edited to be more modular (and curvy for spiral staircase)

Everything else – me



Personal Assets of note:

Stone wall texture

Spiral Staircase – Edited from Connor Mattson’s staircase

Barrel Model and Texture

Castle Design

Animations and also…

Sorry, forgot to add pictures of my landscape.  Here they are


bandchere are some barrels and crates I made, because every level needs them.


Also, here is my animation of mousey.  He idles around hopping (don’t know why he hops), and occasionally flicks his foot and looks around.  If he senses your presence, he will excitedly start dancing, but he has bad hearing and smell, so can only tell you are near if he sees you.


landscapeSo, I decided to completely revamp my castle, and only keep the important bits.  I will do more tomorrow, but here is what I have now.

the castleHere’s the castle

you start out in a roomThis is the room you start in

mouseholeHere is a (badly textured/uv’d) mousehole

that roomHere’s the room it leads to

towerThe tower!  (so tall!  this will have stairs, and hopefully max will chase you up them!)

inside the castle

here’s a view of the castle’s insides.


WIll add to landscape and do other things tomorrow morning.


here’s the landscape!



Armor suit

I don’t hate myself, I swear.  I just… didn’t realize how much work it would be.  I’m mostly done now, just need to equalize the color scheme (make it all match) and work out some details on the hands, feet, face, and normals. And make smoothness and metallic masks… … That’s a lot…

Anyway, here are some pics, with a simple directional light.  The uvs are mostly good now, so that’ll be easier.  Also, I now have the textures as reference.

Untitled-1 Untitled-4 Untitled-2 Untitled-3


And here are my normals and texture

knightnorm KnightTexture

Castle Demo Shots

Here are my plans

castleplan1 Basic Castle

castleplan2Guardhouse Stables (Level 1)

castleplan3 Detail Castle

elevationplan Elevation Views of Castle

Here is a level plan for the detail of the Guardhouse Stables

level flow

To explain, the player comes down the stairs, and sees the cat.  They go into the tunnels, and come out on the other side of the cat, who gives chase.  The player hides behind a barrel, and the cat proceeds into the stable, where it has a “patrol” (direction may be changed later).  The player enters the stables through a tunnel behind the barrel.  They then circle around the stable, hiding in straw or behind posts until they reach the dog.  They then proceed around the stable some more, climbing the rails of the stable to get to a tunnel higher up, where they can escape the stable.

Here are Unity Screenshots of my castle so far.



castleview 2



Here’s another area, a cellar tutorial.   It will teach about the cat, hiding spots, and general movement.

cellar tutorial(Level 0)


Other levels which are hard to draw:

There will be a level (level 2) where you are being chased up the stairs of the steeple (pointed tower in elevation drawings), where you run up a spiral staircase, occasionally using the supports of the stairs to get a bit ahead.  At the end, you meet the bird, who gives you a lift to the final level, the royal tower (blocky tower in elevation drawings).  Because of it’s vertical and horizontal layout, I was unsure of how to draw it.


Similarly, the final level is running down from the top of the royal tower to the queen in the throne room, where you can prove the truth of the cat’s betrayal.  Because of the time it would take the cat to get from the top of the belltower to the top of the queen’s tower, the first half or so is primarily platforming with assets.  I do not know how many assets I will be able to make, so It is hard to explain how the level would work.


There are 4 primary levels, but more are possible.  It all depends on the time left at the end.