Izzie – Object Progress

I chose to make a sword for this project. Originally, I was going to exchange the human skull on the top for a mouse skull, but mice skulls are very flat and it didn’t look right with the length of the sword. The crossed pieces are supposed to be bones, but I haven’t gotten this into zbrush to sculpt it yet. I’ve been having trouble getting enough polys in zbrush to keep it from deforming when I want to sculpt on it.


Here’s a close up on the skull on the hilt. I plan to add more defined teeth in zbrush.


Here’s the whole sword.

Izzie Schiavone – Modular Building Thus Far

I don’t have my sketches scanned right now, but here are the models I’ve made thus far.


The roof of my portion of Higgins, which is incredibly large. I’ve been having trouble trying to add more detail to the triangular roof pieces.


A chimney.


The top of a dormer.


A grate over a basement window that I thought could be used as a dungeon grate.


Part of the gutters


Short wall to go underneath a window


Tall version of the short wall.


A window.