Final Level – Connor T

Here is a link to play the game at:

Some screenshots:

overviewAn overview of the whole level.

Looking out

A view looking outwards.

Fire View

Next to the campfire by the lake.


An overview of the garden.

Garden Inside

A detail photo of the garden.


The main house structure from the front.


Inside the second floor of the tower/jumping puzzle.

Tower Upstairs

Top floor of the tower jumping puzzle.

Rainbow ShowerThe party-box no longer crashes the game.

Foreboding Entrance

And the foreboding entrance to a cave…play the level to find out what’s inside.

Connor T – WAM Sword

The object from the WAM that I chose to recreate digitally is an atypical sword, that is a bit like a gauntlet attached to a blade, or an extended Katar with a handguard.

Here are some reference photos I took of the sword:



IMG_2396 IMG_2394

I intend to work from these photos for the general shape, but I want to add detail work from other pieces to my digital recreation.


I made the blade itself in Maya, exported it as an .OBJ and made the hilt in ZBrush. Here are some photos of my work from a ZBrush render:

Whole SwordHilt

I have a lot of work to do, but I’m happy with my progress so far. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Connor Thornberg – Portfolio

High Poly 3D Modeling

Wandering Adventurer:






Sea God Head:


Low Poly 3D Modeling


Graphic Design / Photoshop Creations




Self Portrait:

Self Portrait

Figure Drawings:



Obstacle Course Animation:

There was an issue with rendering the fingers of the rig, not quite sure why it happened.

Lack of Morning Coffee (co-animated with Connor Mattson):

“Lurker” Creature Animation Set:

I created a set of animations for a rigged model, and imported them to Unity to create a standalone file. It does the idle automatically. Press 1 for an attack, 2 for a block, 3 for a jump, 4 for a walk, and 5 for a bonus idle (to mix in every few times).