Edited Final

Here is an edited version of my final.  Lighting has been improved somewhat, as has audio (turns out the candles were 2d audio sources, my bad).  I also gave a clumsy chase scene up the tower and the cat’s death.  Sorry about my poor animation skills, but I felt it brought more to the game to have badly animated closure than to have none at all.

Also, screenshots (in reverse order).

fs1Dead Cat

fs2Cat attack, AHHHHH!

fs3The Chase

fs4The Dog and The Cat

fs5 Helper Mouse

fs6Mouse Circle

fs7The Tower

fs8The Stables?

fs9The Homeland

fs10Level Design

fs11Tower and Stairs

fs12Detail, unlit homeland



The sound doesn’t loop on purpose.

One thought on “Edited Final”

  1. The structure of the level is really good and interesting. The lighting seems still a problem though because I can barely see anything even when there is a candle in the screen. Keep the inside radius of light source and enlarge the outside radius may get a better result.

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