5 thoughts on “FINAL”

  1. Looks decent. You did a good job with the layout of the level, and the fact that you made your playable character huge (at least, in relation to the terrain) reminds me of Godzilla.

    See if you can “crop” the terrain or at least have it surrounded with mountains to make your level seem more real, and don’t be afraid to tweak some of the textures.

  2. I think this is an interesting concept. It’s definitely different from all of the other interpretations people chose. Good work on that front.

    As I said in class, something that will help to tie the whole level together is a consistent look to all of your buildings. Right now, everything looks a bit patchwork because the light doesn’t hit all of the objects in your scene in the same way. If you can get that fixed, I think you’ll have a cohesive mouse dream.

  3. Dream levels are always fun. I would suggest maybe messing with the gravity and exploiting unity’s interesting physics in order to give it an “on the moon” sort of feel?

  4. The way that you chose to light this level looks really nice and dream-y. I think that something that could stand to be improved are the animations. They’re a bit awkward, and you’re missing a jumping animation. Otherwise nice work!

  5. I think your landscape could use some smoothing so that it looks more natural. I recommend finding a decent height map as reference and applying it to your terrain as we did in class.

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