Final Level Submission – Connor Mattson

Spoilers: The bridge between the castle and forest is animated.

Full screen + Headphones = Best Results


Beach to Mountains SS

Hill to Mountain

Forest to Castle SS

Castle to Library SS

Castle to Beach

Bridge to Tower SS

Bridge to Forest SS

Tower to Level SS


7 thoughts on “Final Level Submission – Connor Mattson”

  1. Looks amazing! I think you did an incredible job with the atmospheric effects and the assets are laid out very well.

    My only recommendation would be to include some terrain around the tower in the horizon to give the ocean the feeling of depth.

  2. I love this level. I think you embraced the challenge of the environment very well and came out with a beautiful result. The skybox ties everything together so nicely. I felt very immersed in the world while going through your level. I also love the monolith out at the edge of the world. That is, frankly, one of my favorite environmental game mechanics.

    I remember saying in class that I think it would help if the running animation was more suited for the ‘mouse heaven’ feel of the level, and I had some more time to think on that. I understand the desire to have the player move quickly through the level so they don’t get frustrated, so maybe slowing down the animation itself and keeping the speed the same would be a good option? It would give the mouse the appearance of being able to traverse more ground than a mouse normally would, which might give a bit more oomph to the whole heaven thing. Not sure how well it would work in practice, but that’s a suggestion I have for you.

    1. After hearing that, I really agree. Possibly even making the running animation slower than the walking animation–taking great leaps and bounds, unrealistic in reality but a very serene way to run.

  3. I want to take a nap in this level to be honest. That’s a good thing, naps are awesome. You did an amazing job getting the heaven feel together with all of the parts you made. I agree with the suggestions in class of adding some subtle sound effects, like water lapping at rocks or the soft movement of the bridge, or crickets and other forest noises for the trees, just to add another layer of detail (and that zen feel).

  4. I know it might sound crazy, but I think you could experiment with additional directional light sources and colors to achieve perhaps a different surreal effect. For instance, I bottom lit my entire level with a dim cyan directional light to help with the eerie atmosphere.

  5. Reflection on the water looks really good.
    I like the idea of the level (heaven level)
    I think you can slow down the bridge animation and add sound effect for the animation.

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