4 thoughts on “Crunch Time – Cheezing It”

  1. Looks great! Your level certainly looks like something out of Dishonored, and the inclusion of the rat guard is certainly a nice touch.

    My only recommendation would be to tweak some of the lighting effects, mainly the ones attached to the lanterns since they currently look a bit dim, which make them stand out from the incredible atmospheric effects that you incorporated into your scene.

  2. I really enjoyed watching you play this in class. It was cool to see all of the different pieces to your level and how the linearity worked in the chaotic, otherworldly environment.
    I’ve always loved things floating in empty space that shouldn’t be floating (like rocks, structures, etc.), so your level was very visually appealing to me. The reference to Dishonored was clear, which I appreciated as well.

    I know you were having some issues with the lighting on the monitor in the lab, but from the screenshots I still think the lighting in your scene is overbright. Something doesn’t look quite right about it. It might be that my monitor has the same problem as the ones in the IMGD lab, but still, something to possibly look into.

  3. This is INSANE! Love it! You can give more information here like what music did you use, or make a video.
    My best part is that the mouse moving toward you in the level.
    Except the light, just fix those colliders and myself can’t give anymore suggestion.
    Good job!

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