Meme Remix Project

For this project I used a bunch of different memes and allowed the user to control them by using an Xbox 360 controller. ¬†The controller allows the user to switch between 5 different videos. Four of them are controlled using the A, B, X, and Y buttons while the fifth is triggered by accidentally hitting a certain button. A sixth video plays only when the user hasn’t hit a button in over a minute. The user also has the ability to use different effect on the videos. These effect are triggered by the bumpers and can be cycled through by hitting one bumper multiple times. The intensity of each of the effects is controlled by the right joystick. ¬†Overall, I wish I had more time to work on this project and wish I hadn’t run into as many technical problems as I would have loved to be able to do much more with this project.

Meme patch

P.s.: Sorry this is late. I forgot my password.

Well Played ver. 2

Concept? : Most of the time when your opponent emotes “well played” in Hearthstone, it means you lose. I collected eight interesting ways to lose a game in Hearthstone and hope it’s funny.


start: stop

A, B, X, Y: press to play one of the two videos that linked to each button, eight video clips in total.

up, down, left, right: press to switch between four visual effects.

two joysticks: modify the numbers of applied visual effect.

All controls have been used in the video.