Final Project: Feel the Force

For my final project, I decided to make an homage to Star Wars by using a light sensor to simulate the struggle between the light and dark sides of the Force.

I attached the light sensor and an RGB LED to a small box (along with some Star Wars figures for decoration).  This was connected to a computer which played a montage of Star Wars clips and music.  When it’s dark, the video shows clips of Darth Vader and his imperial forces, and as the sensor detects more light, the video changes to a montage of Luke Skywalker and other Star Wars heroes.  The music also fades between the Imperial March and the main Star Wars theme.



I needed a light source to manipulate my sensor with, so I went out and bought a cheap lightsaber toy and “modified” it with some scissors.  This allowed it to act more like a flashlight.


Screenshot of the Max patch used



Real-Time Travolta Confuser


For this project I decided to remix the “Confused Travolta” meme.  It involves editing this bit of footage of John Travolta from Pulp Fiction into other videos.  It’s funny, I promise.

Anyway, I made a thing that allows you to cycle between various background for Travolta to be confused in front of.  You push the face buttons to change the videos and use the d-pad to move Travolta back and forth.

Emory’s Paper Boat

For this project, I made a little paper boat that you can guide around a map by tapping it against various points.  When idle, the Max patch displays a video loop of the boat just sitting in the water, and when you tap the boat against one of the travel points, it shows a 10 second clip from the boat’s perspective of it moving in that direction.

I had some technical difficulties when recording the live-action footage, so I couldn’t get quite the shots I wanted, but I think they turned out ok anyway.

Emory’s Bio

Hello reader.  Welcome to my bio.  Thanks for coming, we’re gonna have a good time.

This is my fourth year in the IMGD Art program here at our venerable institution.  In that time, I’ve dabbled in all sorts of digital arts: 3D modeling, animating, various Photoshop stuff, the works.

Don’t have much experience in the way of programming or electronics.  I mean building them, not using them.  I can use electronics.  I’m using electronics right now.

As far as other arts that I practice, I’m into video editing/production.  One of my favorite pastimes is strapping a GoPro to random things and seeing what kind of footage I get.  Makes for a good afternoon.  I also like to write every now and then and I dabble in doodling.

I’m a huge comic book junkie, so comics and those sorts of stories serve as a huge inspiration to me.  I want to be able to create those sort of fun larger-than-life worlds and characters that are cooler than reality.

Here’s some stuff what I did:
falco lego_comic groot_1