My name is Trivani Shahi, I’m a junior MIS major.

Your experience with digital art making / programming, electronics, or other tech

  • My experience with digital art doesn’t exceed what I’ve done for classes here at WPI. My favorite thing so far has been the program, Zbrush. I used to doodle, but I lost my tablet pen. When it comes to programming or anything electronic, I have even less experience. I’m excited to be using a physical media, especially with the Arduino or other electronics.

Other creative arts you like to practice (writing, dance, crafts, music, theater, etc)

    • I don’t much time now a days for creative art. I play the flute, and don’t really go past doodling or sketching objects in my free time.

Your creative inspirations

    • My creative inspirations would probably be through Pinterest, fashion, and video games if anything. I usually like pieces that focus on color-coordination, or ones that used a different blend of them.

Your artistic goals

    • Art is a fun and (usually) relaxing activity for me. Implementing ideas on paper/computer screens is challenging. However, I find it more fun to learn about new programs and methods on how things are designed. I don’t plan use my artistic ability in a professional way in the future, but it has impacted the way I view things. After taking 3d modeling and animation, I appreciated the work that goes to a movie or video game a lot more.
  • Recent creative projects you are proud of

Motorcycle – Unfinished


Dog –Vector Image