Sienna McDowell–Paper Stories

I was inspired by an image I saw in Professor Rosenstock’s books about how to make a chess board out of paper. I started with a big piece of paper. Then cut it into strips. I divided the strips into squares, with black on one side and white on the other to create a chess board.

I then made the pieces out of paper as well, wrapping them in aluminum so the Makey Makey could easily detect when i was touching them.

The story behind mine is the idea that chess is a war strategy game. Friends go to war, but what happens after the game is over? After the King has been taken and there’s only one piece left on one of their sides?

Can the pieces be filled with thoughts of grief? Ideas of vengeance?

Do the chess pieces themselves become monsters tainted by war?

I thought so.

Sienna McDowell–Interactive Animation

The thumbnail is super saturated but the video is fine. IDK why that is. Youtube is weird.

I couldn’t… get the animations to alpha properly so I had to manually switch between them, which was a pain. Though thinking about it now I should have just set up a layer toggle.

Ah well.

Max also immediately crashed after I recorded this so. SHRUG.

I am a pure IMGD Art Major that originally came in a CS major before shifting to the IMGD Art side of things B term of my Freshman Year. Even now I dabble in some programming spaces, such as Lua and C when it comes to making my own small game projects.

My experience making digital art is fairly short—I didn’t start actually using a tablet until after I came to college, so I only have 2 years of digital art experience, most of which has been focused in the 2D space, although I have recently become enamored with 3D sculpting and modeling, as well as animation.

I have a decent programming background. I took Accelerated Intro to Programming in my freshman year, as well as Systems Programming for Nonmajors and Object Oriented. I also took AP computer science in High School. Any other experience I have with technology has only been using it—I have never built anything, and I have no experience using wiring, boards, tools, or anything like that.

In my free time I like to write, and I am currently learning how to sew. I also sing, but I’m not a part of any acapella groups on campus; I only sing in my room. I am also in the process of planning a comic.

I draw a lot of inspiration from the artists around me. I love the mind boggling detail in the work of Feng Zhu, and also the sheer readability of the designs in Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey series. That aside, I also am inspired by teachers working at WPI, like Britt Snyder and Ralph Sutter.

My goal is to create games for a living, but I would also enjoy making animations for movies, or spending my time working on comics.

As for recent creative projects I am proud of:


I made this paint for a Master Class I took last term, and I still like it.