Final Project Concept

The metaphor I’m planning to use is “The flames of passion”. My plan for the interface is to use a candle. When the candle is lit happy music will play, meanwhile depressing music will play when it’s not lit. I will use the temperature sensor on the Arduino to detect this. The primary research I need to do is learning how the temperature sensor works as I have not worked with it yet.

Short Bio (Now that I’m passed the technical difficulties)

My name is Max Kinney, I’m an IMGD (tech track) major at WPI. I have taken several courses in digital art and programming. My favorite forms of art to practice are live performance and artistically preparing food. I’m usually inspired by video games and rollercoasters, but just about anything that’s easily observed can make it’s way into my art. I don’t really have any specific artistic goals, so right now my goal is to try methods I’ve never used before