Meme Remix Project

For this project I used a bunch of different memes and allowed the user to control them by using an Xbox 360 controller.  The controller allows the user to switch between 5 different videos. Four of them are controlled using the A, B, X, and Y buttons while the fifth is triggered by accidentally hitting a certain button. A sixth video plays only when the user hasn’t hit a button in over a minute. The user also has the ability to use different effect on the videos. These effect are triggered by the bumpers and can be cycled through by hitting one bumper multiple times. The intensity of each of the effects is controlled by the right joystick.  Overall, I wish I had more time to work on this project and wish I hadn’t run into as many technical problems as I would have loved to be able to do much more with this project.

Meme patch

P.s.: Sorry this is late. I forgot my password.

Project 1: Paper Story – Bunny

For my Paper story I decided to make a bunny simulator that allows the user to interact with a paper bunny and see it’s reactions on the computer screen. My inspiration for this came from my love of animals and my former obsession with origami.

For the animations my original plan was to rotoscope a video of a bunny, however it was difficult to find a video that had what I needed in it so I ended up free handing the animations based on a picture I found.

After completing the base animations I had attempted to put them into Max but ran into technical problems. Because of these problems I ended up editing my animations to add transparency to see if it would fix my problem.

It unfortunately did not fix it as the problem ended up being that layer 1 was not allowing anything to be displayed. To fix this I ended up moving everything up a layer to allow it to be seen. This did not fix the issues I had with transparency so, I ended up redoing my animations one more time so they did not rely on transparency.


Laurie Mazza – Bio

Digital art and art in general has been a hobby of mine since before high school. During high school I took a heavy load of art course including digital art.

Homecoming Logo 2011 Graphic Design of Yearbook Cover

Since starting at WPI  I have taken even more art course and have been able to taken courses in digital art that I was not able to in high school such as animation and 3D modeling.

Mermaid Beauty Robot Under Water

My experience with programming is basic stuff as I have taken the first few intro CS courses at WPI.

Other than digital art, I like various other forms of art such as painting, drawing sculpting, sewing and crafting.

4 Dolls Apart Barn Roofline Using Gouache Paint

Various things inspire my art work. These things range from cartoons and video game, to classic art work and things from my heritage. One of my inspirations is Pixar animations.

My artistic goals are simple as I want to learn new styles and ways of art, get better at the stuff I know and develop my own art style.

While I have been proud of most of my art work as I put a large amount of effort into them, I know they all could use improvements.

Final ZBrush Movie