Final Project Concept

My idea is to make a digital “mood ring”.

For background, mood rings are toy rings that have a material on the outside that changes color based some temperature input. Thus, if the wearer’s level of energy or heat transfer to the ring changes, so will the color of the ring, indicating a change of mood.

I really like color-emotion connections so this is an idea that stuck with me.

To put this in the digital world, I will use input from the user in the form of temperature and possibly another input device to add a randomness factor.

The output to the user is still undecided but may be a psychedelic visual based on their “mood” or a servo motor that acts as a pointer on an emotional spectrum.

I need to research mood rings, how they work, connection between emotion and color, as well as the necessary work to be done in Max. I will be using an Arduino board.

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