Well Played ver. 2

Concept? : Most of the time when your opponent emotes “well played” in Hearthstone, it means you lose. I collected eight interesting ways to lose a game in Hearthstone and hope it’s funny.


start: stop

A, B, X, Y: press to play one of the two videos that linked to each button, eight video clips in total.

up, down, left, right: press to switch between four visual effects.

two joysticks: modify the numbers of applied visual effect.

All controls have been used in the video.

2 thoughts on “Well Played ver. 2”

  1. I like the amount of effects you can utilize. Its a very fleshed out and thorough project. It seems like this is something you’re really into and that shows in the project. I admit at first I didn’t really understand the “meme” you were attempting to remix. However after reading your description in the blog post I see what you are trying to do.

  2. I like the amount of effects the user is able to apply. While I still do not completely understand the meme you are using, I can tell from this project that it is something you really enjoy.

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