Meme Remix

Sorry for the lateness, there were so many issues with Max and getting this video.

My idea for the Meme Remix was the classic rickroll. I wanted to take it to the next level. I thought about the normal structure of a rickroll. You would click on a link and all of a sudden it would be Rick Astley singing to you. You either got the video you were expecting or you didn’t. That made me think about the possibility of you being rickrolled from within another video.

This lead me to come up with the idea of a rickroll fighting it’s way into another video entirely. I devised a way to have a chosen starter video be cut into the rickroll for brief flashes before reverting to the original. For the interactivity of it, I let the user choose which of the videos to use as the starter. They are all cheesy 80’s and 90’s music videos. Additionally, there is also a fractilizer on the rickroll video that creates an even stronger rick roll effect. This fractilization can be toggled on and off with buttons on the controller, and altered with the thumb stick. The controls are as follows.


There were some issues with the final result. Audio had to be split from the video for the cutting effect. It is hard to have them line up perfectly with one another due to an issue with the video auto-playing as soon as it’s loaded.

Besides that it came together more or less how I hoped it would, albeit with a lot more stress in getting it implemented correctly.

One thought on “Meme Remix”

  1. I like how you slowly make the rick roll take over and leave it out of the control of the user to confuse them. While I enjoyed the cheesy 80’s music, I feel like it would have made a bigger impact on the user if you have use more common videos that would have led to a rick roll. Overall, it’s very cool but, it makes me mad cause I fell for a rick roll.

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