Short Bio (Now that I’m passed the technical difficulties)

My name is Max Kinney, I’m an IMGD (tech track) major at WPI. I have taken several courses in digital art and programming. My favorite forms of art to practice are live performance and artistically preparing food. I’m usually inspired by video games and rollercoasters, but just about anything that’s easily observed can make it’s way into my art. I don’t really have any specific artistic goals, so right now my goal is to try methods I’ve never used before

Sienna McDowell–Paper Stories

I was inspired by an image I saw in Professor Rosenstock’s books about how to make a chess board out of paper. I started with a big piece of paper. Then cut it into strips. I divided the strips into squares, with black on one side and white on the other to create a chess board.

I then made the pieces out of paper as well, wrapping them in aluminum so the Makey Makey could easily detect when i was touching them.

The story behind mine is the idea that chess is a war strategy game. Friends go to war, but what happens after the game is over? After the King has been taken and there’s only one piece left on one of their sides?

Can the pieces be filled with thoughts of grief? Ideas of vengeance?

Do the chess pieces themselves become monsters tainted by war?

I thought so.

Project 1: Paper Story – Bunny

For my Paper story I decided to make a bunny simulator that allows the user to interact with a paper bunny and see it’s reactions on the computer screen. My inspiration for this came from my love of animals and my former obsession with origami.

For the animations my original plan was to rotoscope a video of a bunny, however it was difficult to find a video that had what I needed in it so I ended up free handing the animations based on a picture I found.

After completing the base animations I had attempted to put them into Max but ran into technical problems. Because of these problems I ended up editing my animations to add transparency to see if it would fix my problem.

It unfortunately did not fix it as the problem ended up being that layer 1 was not allowing anything to be displayed. To fix this I ended up moving everything up a layer to allow it to be seen. This did not fix the issues I had with transparency so, I ended up redoing my animations one more time so they did not rely on transparency.


Brave Peasant

The peasant beat the evil dragon with god-blessed sword and shield eventually!

I apologies for the bad recording and weird frame issue. The Makey makey kit that I got didn’t like me.




My concept was to do a project based on one of my first memories of WPI when I saw a Praying Mantis on the window of my Dorm Room. I wanted to animate the mantis’ pincers, wings, and arms. I also realized that I could make all three actions rhyme. Thus my inputs were scraps of paper with the verbs, chew, grew, and flew, with the corresponding picture drawn on in graphite.

Emory’s Paper Boat

For this project, I made a little paper boat that you can guide around a map by tapping it against various points.  When idle, the Max patch displays a video loop of the boat just sitting in the water, and when you tap the boat against one of the travel points, it shows a 10 second clip from the boat’s perspective of it moving in that direction.

I had some technical difficulties when recording the live-action footage, so I couldn’t get quite the shots I wanted, but I think they turned out ok anyway.

Project 1 – Paint Palette


My initial goal was to make a simplistic emotional representation of different colors. To aid the focus towards the action-color connection, I made the animation with stick figures void of shading. My inspiration for this was the old “animator vs. animation” videos. My controller is a painter’s palette with 4 swatches of color, each representing a different event that you can trigger on screen. For the events, each color will cause a new stick figure to come onto screen and through some action, get rid of the current stick figure and replace them in a standardized pose.

I will upload more pictures soon