Final Project: Feel the Force

For my final project, I decided to make an homage to Star Wars by using a light sensor to simulate the struggle between the light and dark sides of the Force.

I attached the light sensor and an RGB LED to a small box (along with some Star Wars figures for decoration).  This was connected to a computer which played a montage of Star Wars clips and music.  When it’s dark, the video shows clips of Darth Vader and his imperial forces, and as the sensor detects more light, the video changes to a montage of Luke Skywalker and other Star Wars heroes.  The music also fades between the Imperial March and the main Star Wars theme.



I needed a light source to manipulate my sensor with, so I went out and bought a cheap lightsaber toy and “modified” it with some scissors.  This allowed it to act more like a flashlight.


Screenshot of the Max patch used



Final Project Concept

My idea is to make a digital “mood ring”.

For background, mood rings are toy rings that have a material on the outside that changes color based some temperature input. Thus, if the wearer’s level of energy or heat transfer to the ring changes, so will the color of the ring, indicating a change of mood.

I really like color-emotion connections so this is an idea that stuck with me.

To put this in the digital world, I will use input from the user in the form of temperature and possibly another input device to add a randomness factor.

The output to the user is still undecided but may be a psychedelic visual based on their “mood” or a servo motor that acts as a pointer on an emotional spectrum.

I need to research mood rings, how they work, connection between emotion and color, as well as the necessary work to be done in Max. I will be using an Arduino board.

Final Project Concept

The metaphor I’m planning to use is “The flames of passion”. My plan for the interface is to use a candle. When the candle is lit happy music will play, meanwhile depressing music will play when it’s not lit. I will use the temperature sensor on the Arduino to detect this. The primary research I need to do is learning how the temperature sensor works as I have not worked with it yet.

Final Project Idea – With Laurie Mazza

Laurie and I came up with an idea from the Items and Actions activity in class. We found that the words “Squeeze” and “Government” combined to create a funny idea based on the phrase “Squeeze you tighter than the government on Tax day”. We brainstormed about how we could do that. This is a sketch of what we’re thinking.

Final Project Idea

We would use a doll or some similar human analog to represent yourself, then embed the flex sensor or possibly the soft potentiometer to measure how hard the person is squeezing. We also thought about adding a thermistor to add in some extra effects due to the heat of your hands.

The object will also be tracked and displayed via a webcam. We intend to make the object bright so as to easily track it. By tracking the object, we can have the object be the origination of the money that spills out of you due to the squeezing. The thermistor would be used to add some interesting visual effect or perhaps change the type of money squeezed out from coins to dollars or so.