Final Documentation

Over the course of this practicum, my project has evolved several times. I started off with the idea of backlighting a canvas with a painting or picture of some sort on the other side. I was also interested in casting shadows/making silhouettes. I decided to combine these two ideas and create a canvas with cutouts that would cast silhouettes onto the canvases when the light is turned on.

My idea eventually evolved into creating a three dimensional object that would give a larger sense of landscape. However, for my final project, I wanted to create something that the viewer would interact with by moving around it. To do this, I made each side follow a different color scheme, and then chose a nature related image to create the silhouette for.

The images of the final product are below.

When the room is bring and the internal light is off:

When the room is dark and the internal light is on:

A view from the top showing the different colors that are emitted:

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