Polish and Present

I finished up my final project this week. I added another layer of tissue paper to the canvases to give them richer colors. I also designed and made the cut outs to put on the inside of the box. I decided to follow the nature theme and chose a theme that matched each color scheme. I played with using different colored papers and different types of papers to create different shades of shadows. Darker colors cast darker silhouettes on the canvases. I attached the four canvases.

I wanted to create a dark top that would not allow light through, so I used an opaque canvas and painted it to resemble the sky. I like the effect of being able to see it when the box is in a lit area. But when you put it in a dark space and use the interior light fixture, it cannot be seen, like a night sky.

For the interior light fixture, I tried using a single light bulb, but I did not like how the light distributed itself on the canvases. Instead, I purchased a Styrofoam cube and wrapped Christmas lights around it. This way I was able to orient and arrange the lights in a way that lit the canvases better. I am really happy with how the final product turned out.

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