Concept Proposal


Much like the artist I presented on Shih Chieh Huang I enjoy taking apart electronics for their parts. Some of the parts I have collected include the internals of a projector which have interesting refraction and color filtering properties. These material can be seen above. I an in love with the idea of turning materials that were not intended to be art into art.

Additionally I am drawing some inspiration from the space opera The Fifth Element and the theory of the four classical elements (earth, water, air fire). Another piece of media that plays off this theme of the classical elements is Adventure Time with fire, ice, candy, and slime. I considered doing this spin on the elements but could’t think of good and clean representations of these elements to put in my art.


For my project I would like to do something with infinity mirrors and lasers. My plan is for there to be two “infinite loops” inside of sets of mirrors a traditional infinite mirror made of two parallel one way mirrors facing each other and a laser loop made of four 45 degree mirrors allowing a laser to bounce around them in a square infinitely or until it is too dim to see. Each corner will have a special affect tied to one of the classical elements.

  • Element     –     Effect         –       Behavior
  • Fire               –     Lasers        –       Wave back and forth on servos, cycle on and off
  • Water          –     Fog               –       More water vapor will be added to the system
  • Air                 –     Anti-fog     –       Fog will  be extracted from the system
  • Earth            –     Sound         –      Transducer speaker will vibrate the assembly


For user input I am planning on having four photometers in the four corners of the device.  These inputs will tweak the relative intensity of the four main effects. Dialing the knob all the way up will make the effect brighter, faster, or more intense. Dialing the knob down will make the effect dimmer slower, or less intense. These effects will be explained below.


There will be four primary outputs of this device corresponding to the intensity of each input. There will be an additional fifth output in the form of ambient lighting that will be an average of all the inputs. As mentioned above in the table the effects will be lasers, fog, fog removal, and vibrations. There will be the additional effect of ambient light which color will be decided by the four elements. The combinations of each output at different intensities will make for different visual effect. i.e. lasers with fog vs lasers without fog or lasers with vibrations vs lasers with out vibrations.


I am also considering having feedback play into the system where sensors would detect when lasers are in a certain configuration. When activating the sensors a “5th element” would go into effect. I am still not sure how or if I want to implement this. It will be a stretch goal.

Materials and Construction

Projector internals as well as laser diodes and photo resistors.

Refracting cube of colored glass

Acrylic one way mirrors.


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