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Hey everyone,

Last week I got all the parts I needed to test out my force sensor and learned how to get it to work with a colored LED light. It is setup so that the more force that one puts on the sensor the more bright the light gets (these lights I had on me were just basic colored ones, so I couldn’t play with changing colors yet).  Here are some images and a video:

light on with force

no force no light (for my project, I will likely have some default light color/brightness however).

link to short video, since pictures make it hard to show the brightness changing:

For this week, I will try to focus on what lights I will be getting (such that I can change their color and could be placed under the lego platforms) and working on changing colors based on weights. If I complete this early I will try “testing” the lights with my prototype from last week to see how I can attach said lights to the platform in the best/most interesting looking way.

I welcome any suggestions in regards to the type of light(s) that would work best for this project.


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  1. Glad to see you have the basic interaction and the arduino workflow working.
    I’d suggest you think about how to integrate the LEDs into your structure in such a way that they are integrated, or hidden so that we see illumination but not a bare LED. A single LED is capable of illuminating a fairly sizable area – perhaps a chamber/shape built of colored, translucent legos?

    1. Never thought about building around the LED like that, sounds like a great idea! And I did find more translucent legos so I can easily test this over the weekend with the LED(s) I currently have and see how well they work. Thank you!

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