Project Ideas (Collin)

At the moment, I’m struggling between several ideas, debating feasibility, logistics, and overall end product.

The first is more about a design/simulation. I’d like to design the lighting show for a music performance, focusing on a single song or two. There are softwares that exist for this task, and I believe the final product would be a 3d rendering of the show.

A screenshot of such a software

The second involves adding lighting elements to something in my apartment. I might try running lights throughout my bedroom to create the TRON-esque atmosphere and then program the lights to a set pattern alongside music or to react to music.

The follow up to this would be to add lighting on one or more of my guitars. This would fit better than an entire room if I were to have the same programming intentions

Along the lines of this, but a lil’ less awesome

My third idea involves clear plastic/acrylic sheets. It’s very simple to light these from the side with LEDs and I could try different shapes to create a 2D image. I can also play around with different color plastic and different color LEDs for various effects.

Maybe a combination of these and Steven Knapp’s work

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