Project Ideas – Cassandra

I decided to go with a theme of opposite attract such as Fire and Ice for my project. Being an architectural engineering major I wanted to create a lighting fixture with this project. I have come up with two different ideas, one being a pendant and the second being a tall modern art floor fixture.

Idea 1:

For this idea I took the first thing that came into my mind when I thought fire which was flames burning something. I pictured fire burning on a block of ice and the ice melting.

The fire would be made of felt looking similar to the picture below and beneath the flame there would be optical fibers hanging with glass or light pieces at the bottom to represent the water running down.



A sketch is shown here..


Idea 2:

This fixture would be larger and stand on the floor. It would be created with curved random wood/logged spiraling upward. The wood would be thin enough that you could see the light source creating a glowing effect through. But within the wood facing upwards there would be holes so the light could shine through onto the walls or ceiling. At the top of the wood would be a ice cube balancing on the tip and it would have its own light source. This would be created of glass blocks with an iceburg pattern and would be the main illuminance feature.



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