Maquette – Adam Myers

Hey everyone, this week I built a miniature model of my piece out of legos and did some looking into the type of parts I might need.

Here is a picture of said model, I tried using only transparent pieces.

If I commit to using legos for this as someone suggested I hope to get many clear pieces, like the platforms in the above picture, to build the structure out of. Instead of the dark semi-clear pieces you see here.

Here is my rough shopping list, I hope to get some suggestions from everyone in our next meeting as my search results have overloaded my with options and I am not sure what exact part or material is right for me.

Shopping List:

  • Force-sensitive resistor (or a few based on how many platforms I have for my piece which will probably be 2-6)
  • The led lights that can have color changed
  • Any circuits/circuitboards/whatever I will need for the lights/resistor to function (very unfamiliar here)
  • Arduino software or something similar to create my program that will change the lights colors/brightness based on force
  • The building material used for the piece itself. I am leaning towards continuing with transparent legos and getting more of those so I can make my actual structure (which I am planning to be about the size of a desk lamp, nothing too large but large enough to hold more than what you see in my pictures)

I will probably add more to this list after the upcoming meeting as I hear our suggestions/discussions and as I do more research on these parts.

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