Lights & Legos – Adam Myers

Hey everyone,

Last week I assembled a little lego cage (not exactly how the final platforms will look like) around my light setup to see how it looked, and these were the results:

In a lite room

In dark room

And here is a video of how it looks at different brightness:

Overall I think it looks good at max brightness, which makes me think I will just focus on changing the light’s colors and not brightness AND color. Which as of recently I can now do as I got my hands on some RGB LEDs similar to the colored one I have in my current setup.

For this week I hope to get much more done with these new lights. First I will change the light with one of the RGB lights and get it to change colors with force instead of brightness. Then I will finally get to building the lego structure with the three platforms, where I hope to get AT LEAST one of the platforms functionally changing color with force by the end of the week. This leaves next week (our final week I believe) for me to get the other two platforms functional and resolve any final issues before our final presentation day.

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