Light Artist – Leo Villareal

Here is a link to the presentation of my chosen Light Artist, Leo Villareal (view only):


The presentation discusses four of the works of Leo Villareal. The first work is the Columns 2(4) which is one of Leo’s first explorations of architectural environments created with LEDs, circuit board, micro controller, and plexiglass tubes. It is pictured below, and randomly changes its color sequence based on a computer program written by Leo himself.

The second work is the Multiverse, which originates from Leo’s desire to create spaces in an already built environment. This piece uses 41,000 LEDs, circuitry, and a computer. Similar to his first piece, he wrote a program which instruct’s the lights colors to change in random sequences. It is pictured below

The third work is the Buckyball, which was an inspired by geodesic sphere/dome shapes. It has 4,500 lights, and a computer used to shift the colors dynamically between over 16 million colors similar to the last two pieces. It is pictured below

The fourth work shown in the presentation is The Bay Lights. Inspired from his desire to use the Bay Bridge as a canvas for light, Leo and the group that helped bring this dream to light (no pun intended) ILLUMINATE  spanned 25,000 LED lights across the western span of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CA. The lights alternate on and off in random pattern and sequences with no color change. It is pictured below

And here is the link to the video of it shown in the presentation:

The presentation concludes by going over all the key ideas and concepts in these pieces. Leo wants to understand system by stripping them down to their lowest structure, and not only focus on its physical framework but its spatial framework as well. Central to his works are elements of chance, where he programs his works to display random but compelling sequences of lights and his programs serve as a common tool among all his works.

Picture of Leo Villareal used:

Picture of other work, Cosmos, used:

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