Jamie – Project Complete!!

Hi Everyone!

My project is finally done! It took a lot of experiment, but I did it. The final result of my project is a metal flower by day and a galaxy at night. My concept goal was to transform one object into another and that is exactly what I accomplished and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. The light medium that I used was light projection. Meaning that I used the light itself to make the image and used different reflective surfaces to create the image.

There was a lot of testing and experiment for this project. I experiment with different metals and saw how that light reacts with each piece and from this I chose aluminum, steel, plastic, and copper. Each have unique light reflection quality, but also they look very nice together. I want to point out that the flashlight I used was an atomic beam which produces 5000 LUX!

To acquire these materials I used our machine shop with the aerospace department and took scrap metals to make the flower parts. While machining I tested out different spacing and thickness to add dimension to the flower and the light patterns that it makes.

I used a regular glass sphere vase to hold the flower. This severed as the pot. I made my base out of a milk carton and some duct tape  (platform) to keep things cheap and it turned out pretty nice. I bought the solid metal piece (holder) that holds the pot from Home Depot for about $5.00 so it was a good deal. Although the size was slightly different between the platform and the holder I used some clay to mend the space between them.

Following the structure set up I decided that I should see how it works all together. Here were some of the pictures that I captured:

I was very pleased with how it turned out but felt it was missing something…..it was color! So I decided to test out different ways to add color. I started testing with some small piece of glass but it wasn’t capturing the image enough. So then I tried some construction paper but it was a little too thick and took away from the reflection, but it did add the right amount of color. So I looked for some thin paper and then found sticky notes! It worked great! I started with on color original, but the finish product uses two different colors. Below shows the finish product:

Thanks for the great class! I had a lot of fun with this project and everyone! Have a great break!  🙂


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