Final Update: Guitar

EDIT: If anyone looks back at this, here’s the entire photo album of the guitar project. It has some more test videos I didn’t show in class, and it’ll be updated as I continue working on it, I promise.

Unfortunately, I also need to laser cut a new pickguard. After cutting the final cutouts for the hardware, I realized the holes were too large and I wouldn’t be able to use them for mounting.



I wish I could’ve gotten to everything I originally intended to, but I found myself too busy over the past two weeks, along with a couple unfortunate events. After missing my time slot on the laser cutter, I was unable to meet up with my brother so we could rewire all the hardware onto the new pickguard. This means the guitar is still currently unplayable, but it’s not far off from so.

The guitar itself still has the potential to be finished once I have the time, and it looks pretty good at the moment.

I was trying to capture some test recordings of the lights performing with music in the background, and I just happened to line up one of the codes with one of the songs by complete accident…. so I did it again a few more times.


If I had more time to work on this, the guitar would be playable, and I would have more permanent and more concealed way of attaching the strips to the guitar. On the lights aspect, I’d like to have code that’s specifically programmed to individual tracks to more accurately depict the tone and atmosphere of each song (I’d also like to have the rings wired up, but I fell short on wiring supplies). I think I’d also want to fabricate a small hard enclosure so I can mount the Arduino on one of the guitar’s faces while keeping it safe.

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