Concept Proposal – Adam Myers

Link to presentation (view only) CLICK HERE


Piece will be an interactive structure.  It will be made of some translucent/transparent material such that light can be produced and seen from within it. These lights may or may not already be randomly changing colors (undecided as of this post). The color and intensity of lights will change in response to the pressure put on the different parts of the structure. So the main idea will be the viewer places objects on the structure (or rearranges current ones on it) and this will change the piece.  It may also be possible to interchange parts of the structure itself (undecided as of this post). A very basic idea of what the structure could look like can be seen below:

The leftmost structure shows what it would look like with no objects placed on it. The second (middle) structure shows on object placed on one of its parts, changing the color of that part (undecided if this will influence other parts of the structure). The rightmost structure shows how one could change the position of one of the structure’s parts.

Ideally this piece will already look interesting and colorful on its own and be an enjoyable piece to view. The main goal/idea however is that the viewer will improve his or her own experience by customizing the piece in the viewer’s own image. And if this piece were to be public, it could tell the current viewer a little about the past viewer(s) based on how the structure was changed and the objects that have been placed or rearranged on it.


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