Collin Chen Bio

Hi everyone, my name is Collin!

I’ve been called a car guy, I’ve been called a gaming nerd. I also love to play soccer and toss a disc around whenever the opportunity arises. With the wide variety of interests and hobbies I have, it’s difficult to settle on a single path. I feel that I am above average with most of these hobbies but can’t hold a candle to the respective professionals or experts.

Starting in middle school continuing on throughout high school, I drew cars in my free time, first from a direct side profile then from more proper angles. This is a brief history of my work:

My first completed drawing, heavily influenced by the Need for Speed games I was playing at the time

From here, I began taking images of actual cars from the internet, printing them out, and ‘re-magnifying’ them.

This was completed about 2 years later, I believe this was put on display at a local art store for a month or two
First complete drawing at a new angle. Once I finished this, it opened the floodgates

My personal favorite
Two WIPs and the images they’re based on

As of lately (about 3 years or so), my artistical talent has been  mainly expressed through playing music. I am skilled at piano, guitar, and bass guitar. I also picked up a drum kit on a whim over this past summer. I’m a HUGE fan of Muse. They’ve been my favorite band of all time ever since I discovered them in 2011 and also inspired me into picking up the guitar a year later. I was extremely happy to be able to see them live twice for their past two albums. Over this past summer, my brother and I also began to record some Muse covers (none of which are out there on the net).

Not long after I began watching Muse’s live performances (a principle element of the band) on the internet, I started to take note of the light and laser shows they implemented. With their songs comprising a wide variety of moods and styles, the different atmospheres that the show designers create throughout the show are incredible. It was this that lead me to some AREN courses(hoping to pursue a minor, was originally a double major) and to take this humanities practicum.

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