Cerini Project Inspirations

So like, I was trying to think of some of the properties of light that I think are the coolest, and from there I developed a couple of ideas, each of which is very different and shows off a different aspect of light.

Idea 1: Animated Portrait.

My first idea is based on the artist that Kelly showed off last class (Liu Dao). I thought that the concept of taking a static image and using LEDs to bring it to life. With this image I wanted to do something kind of surreal, so I was thinking of maybe doing something with Mother Nature and the elements. Another way I could take this, which could potentially be more interesting, is if I made the image of maybe Tesla or Edison trying to harness lightning into a small orb. Kind of going a little meta and making Light Art of the father of light.

Idea 2: Shadow Sculpture Sundial

So I was walking through Higgins Gardens and I was looking around and I saw a bunch of these nice like… kind of Doric columns. And my mind traveled down a rabbit hole there and after a while the thought that erupted was “Sundial”

This next idea is to take a sundial and turn it into a shadow sculpture. I want to make a weatherproof sculpture and put it on a pedestal so that over the course of the day the shadow evolves and changes over time.

I found a really cool example of something like this here:

Idea 3:  Something with FadeCandy?

I don’t know. I always wanted to work with some cool Arduino stuff. So I was kind of thinking of maybe doing some sort of cool interactive piece with the FadeCandy. I don’t have much for this idea, but I don’t want to rule out this opportunity.



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