Verónica Hartnett Bio

Hey guys! My name is Verónica Hartnett, I am currently a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering with a passion for everything creative. I’m a photographer, sculptor, painter and an occasional videographer. During high school I used to participate in national art contests where we were given a couple of hours to complete an artwork, so I’m used to being efficient and creative under pressure.   

I am more art drive so I have a limited experience with programing but I have used software such as Max 7 (cycling 74) for past classes such as AR 3200, Electronic Arts. In the past I have taken AR1101 “Digital imaging and computer art” where I learned how to properly use Photoshop and also 3D model using AutoDesk Maya. As well, I have taken AR 3700 “Concept art and creative illustration” where I learned how to use a digital tablet and how to create concept illustration that has helped me when it comes to visualizing a project and putting my ideas together.

One of my recent projects I’m proud of is my final for AR3200 where I created a small installation in a dark room, it consisted of face tracking software made in Max7 and depending on the person’s face this would create different colors projected on a mannequin that would represent their “mood”.

My goals include expanding my skills set in order to create interactive art instead of just static art, something that people can interact with and that will create different experiences for whoever is interacting with the “art”.

AR3700/Digital Art Portfolio

AR3200/Electronic Arts Portfolio

My creative inspirations come from different artist or even places. Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room” is such an amazing piece that inspires me because it messes up with your perception. Another work that inspired me is Muti Randolph’s interactive light installation, which reacts to the visitors movements. Janet Echelman’s work is also something I admire and makes me think about how I can take art to the next level.