Hello, My Name is: Erik Cerini

Howdy friendos!

My name is Erik and I like to make/play/eat/sleep/breath/etc. games. I’ve been pretending that I know how art works since I took an introductory studio art course senior year of high school. Sometime after that I decided “Hey. You know what would be cool? Making games,” and then I packed my bags and magically teleported to WPI.

As an IMGDTech major, I like to think that I understand how code works from time to time. While I’m not as good at programming as some of my peers, I feel confident in my abilities to figure out the answer to a problem using the mystical, magical powers of Google. But the minute we step from Software to Hardware, I have no idea what I’m doing. I want to change that. Maybe not like… a bunch… But I want to like make a circuit or something this term. Maybe.

When I’m not consuming games, I like to sing, act, and make funny sounds with my mouth. I’m a member of the WPI Audiophiles and I’ve been in like… one VOX show here. So yeah.

“Creative Inspirations…” I honestly don’t know what inspires me creatively. My friends are probably a really big one. They’re really good walls to bounce ideas off of, even if most of the time we’re joking. Outside of that… I kind of draw some of my ideas from the Final Fantasy series for things like plot and game mechanics, I guess.

I think my artistic goals are just to “Be Better.” I’d love to evolve on my current art style and make it a lot cleaner and more… adaptive, I guess? I want to be able to apply it to things beyond just like… being adorable.

Some of my work:

This was a cow I drew for a game jam game called “Beef Cake,” where you bake cakes for cow customers. It’s super rushed because we started running low on time, but all-in-all I think he looks cute.


The title card for a WIP game that may or may not ever get finished. It was supposed to be a steampunk platformer.

A scene I made for Interactive Electronic Arts for the Everyday Mysteries assignment. I mainly put this here because the lamp is so good. The rest is cool too, but mainly the lamp.

You can see some of the games I’ve made at my website here.

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