Jamie – Project Complete!!

Hi Everyone!

My project is finally done! It took a lot of experiment, but I did it. The final result of my project is a metal flower by day and a galaxy at night. My concept goal was to transform one object into another and that is exactly what I accomplished and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. The light medium that I used was light projection. Meaning that I used the light itself to make the image and used different reflective surfaces to create the image.

There was a lot of testing and experiment for this project. I experiment with different metals and saw how that light reacts with each piece and from this I chose aluminum, steel, plastic, and copper. Each have unique light reflection quality, but also they look very nice together. I want to point out that the flashlight I used was an atomic beam which produces 5000 LUX!

To acquire these materials I used our machine shop with the aerospace department and took scrap metals to make the flower parts. While machining I tested out different spacing and thickness to add dimension to the flower and the light patterns that it makes.

I used a regular glass sphere vase to hold the flower. This severed as the pot. I made my base out of a milk carton and some duct tape  (platform) to keep things cheap and it turned out pretty nice. I bought the solid metal piece (holder) that holds the pot from Home Depot for about $5.00 so it was a good deal. Although the size was slightly different between the platform and the holder I used some clay to mend the space between them.

Following the structure set up I decided that I should see how it works all together. Here were some of the pictures that I captured:

I was very pleased with how it turned out but felt it was missing something…..it was color! So I decided to test out different ways to add color. I started testing with some small piece of glass but it wasn’t capturing the image enough. So then I tried some construction paper but it was a little too thick and took away from the reflection, but it did add the right amount of color. So I looked for some thin paper and then found sticky notes! It worked great! I started with on color original, but the finish product uses two different colors. Below shows the finish product:

Thanks for the great class! I had a lot of fun with this project and everyone! Have a great break!  🙂


Jamie – Project Update 2

So as commented I have create a small scale version of my project. For this small piece I used variable aluminum, steel, and copper pieces to create a unique shape. The goal was to figure out how the metals interact with light.

I used multiple angles to get different ideas. I really enjoyed all of them, but I think that my favorite is definitely the light projection that the piece makes. I took note of the green hue that was being projected and concluded that the color was from my green rug.

I will be experimenting with some glass shards as well as the position of the light source this week. Look forward to hearing back!



Jamie – Project Update

The concept of my project is the same, “Something can be made from nothing.” However, the materials involved in my project now are very different.

So I actually have come up with a new idea for my light art project. I came up with this new idea when I was machining a mold for my MQP project. My MQP is to design an RC aircraft from scratch and we are making the entire aircraft out of composites this year so we have been doing a lot of mold machining. While I was in the lab I noticed the other machining tools that were being used and what they were making with them and thought it would be really cool if I could make something using those tools. I can now work in the shop and beginning with my new project.

I will be experimenting with the various types of metals and plastics, along with their sizing to see how the light reacts with them. I think that I am aiming to put together a single object with a single light source. I will also be playing around with the light source and how the object is oriented. Whether I will be using a small led or a larger light and how the object will be mounted and if it will spin/rotate. I want to make something naturally pretty.

I am very excited for this new idea. Below is a sample of an aluminum piece that I made (one of many).



Light Projection Maquette – Jamie


  • Project Goal

    • My goal for this project is to create a light art piece that uses a single light source. And when the switch is off it is a very plain piece and then when the switch is on it is something entirely new. I wish to make a piece that captures the heart with unique emotion and the eyes with its beauty and strength.
  • Technique
    • Light Projection
  • Tools (Shopping List)
    • Mirrors
    • Glass (colored)
    • Light source
    • Clay
    • Cardboard/Styrofoam
    • Popsicle stick
  • Concept
    • The idea that nothing can be made into something. And even if you don’t see it at first a simple “switch” might change that.

  • Inspiration
    • My inspiration comes from my own curiosity with light projection.

  • Artwork Proposal

Jamie – Preliminary Concepts

For my project I want to experiment with mirror and light projection. I actually thought of this idea the day after we had our first class and I am really set on it. My idea to create this is by using mirrors, lights, glass, and some sort of light blockage material (Cardboard, thick paper, etc). The image that I would like to create would be a beautiful, but at the same time powerful dragon. I am think of possibly adding flames to it and making a background environment may be really cool as well. It may prove to be very difficult to do but, I am very driving to make this piece happen. The pictures below represent my idea in a slightly different way. I couldn’t find anything that is exactly like it so I did my best trying to choose these images.

Related image

Related image

Related image

I was also inspired by Diet Wiegman. I may also decide to do a rotating light piece which is a little different from his shadows, but has the same concept. To do this I thought of many different ways. The first was making cutouts into the material and having them rotate.

Related image

The second was making a combined piece so when it rotates it transforms.

So those are my ideas. I am pretty much 100% confident that I want to do light/mirror projection, but I would really appreciate any/all feedback. Thank you!



Light Artist – Makoto Tojiki

Makoto Tojiki-

Makoto Tojiki is an artist and designer who uses light as his primary medium of expression. He also works with jewelry that involves light reflections (Diamonds).

He was born in Miyazaki, Japan in 1975. Graduated Kinki University Kyushu faculty in industrial design engineering in 1998. Work as a in-house product designer from 1998 to 2003. Then started activity as a full-time freelance artist. Currently, he lives and works in Chiba, Japan.

His type of artwork is Light Sculpture. He uses materials like LEDs, Copper Wires, Integrated Circuits (ICs), Acrylics, Wood, Steel Rods, Optical Fibers, and Resin.

His concept revolves around the idea that objects can appear differently from how we remember them to be. However, this doesn’t mean that the object itself has changed, but the way we look at it has. The change in our perspective is what causes the object to appear different. The change in how we see the object may be “related to, and expressive of the object’s essence.” His interest is in exploring, “When, and for what reason, does a person’s perception of an object change?” Through his work, he seeks to stimulate how people see objects.

No Shadow – This series is inspired by the interconnectedness of light and shadow and how they can be manipulated and controlled. Tojiki begins his creative process by breaking down the light and the shadow to capture the essence of their relationship resulting in fleeting images that are as short-lived and mysterious as shadow itself. The series is made only with LEDs, Copper wires, and ICs.

Highlight – Is a piece that uses the shadow and shadow to create 3D images. The piece is crafted out of LEDs, Copper wires, Steel rods, ICs, and Acrylics

Princess Leia – Is a gift from Makoto to Carrie Fisher (Actress for Princess Leia). This artwork is made from LEDs, Copper wires, Stainless rods, and ICs.



Jamie Donahue Bio + Artwork

My name is Jamie Donahue and I am a senior majoring Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering. My main medium of artwork was drawing for the longest time, but I was able to expand that after taking several classes that are digital art. I now have gained new tools like Photoshop, Maya, and Z-Brush. I have done some programming with Arduino in my Guidance, Navigation, and Communication class (AE4733) for a GPS system.  I have some knowledge of electronics from my Electrical Engineering Labs (Circuit building, LEDs, etc.).  Other than art I am very interested in music. I am learning to play the piano and read music. My creativity is very wide in range. I like a lot of things and enjoy looking through different perspectives.  I get a lot of my ideas from nature, anime, and online games like Guild Wars. I aspire to make art that makes people happy and fills them with adventure and exploration. Some of my most recent work that I am proud of is my landscape image, my 3D Painting, and my Koi fish drawing. I have never used programming in my art before and it is typically not my preference, but I do plan on experimenting with it this term. Thanks for reading!


Jamie Donahue