Artist Overview: Dale Chihuly

Not directly a light artist, Dale Chihuly specializes in glass art. Most of the pieces are created by glass blowing techniques. However, there is one collection of his work, titled “Chandeliers” thatĀ more fits the bill.

Being translucent, glass is incredibly easy to turn into a light source. Just a few light sources arranged properly can allow one of Chihuly’s pieces to radiate color and light in any direction.

Since Chihuly has countless individual pieces with basic names (e.g. “Scarlet Icicle Chandelier” or “Blue Icicle Tower”) that are all meant to fit together in an environment, I needed to focus on entire exhibitions of his work.

From his Chandelier’s (and later Chihuly over Venice) collection, a more experimental collection to test the interaction of Chihuly’s new glass forms with our known world.



From Through the Looking Glass, Chihuly’s idea of creating a new world for people to step into.

From Garden and Glass, a collection that encompasses a variety of Chihuly’s work which is placed among a natural environment.


From his beginnings, Chihuly has always wanted to create new and exciting pieces that look unique. He is constantly testing the limits of glass forming processes, and thus his works tend to take more organic or sharp shapes. When placing his work in exhibits, this tends to create surreal environments that can feel like entire new worlds.




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