Adam Myers – Bio/Artworks/Projects

Hello, my name is Adam Myers and I am currently a senior who plans to graduate this year with a double major in IMGD Tech and Computer Science. I love programming, playing games and making games.

My experience with art making includes: Photoshop, Maya, Blender, ZBrush (classes: Digital Imaging & Computer Art, 3d Modeling I)

Here is an image I made in photoshop for Digital Imaging that I quite like:

And here is my final model for 3d Modeling I, a crab humanoid creature(I like crabs):

My experience with programming/electronics includes: C/C++, Java, Python, Unity, Unreal Engine 4

I have created a bunch of programs and a few games, but the one I am most proud of and contributed to the art of (by that I mean I chose what art style we would go with and what assets we would use from the Unity Asset Store :P)  and programming of would be my recent MQP project with a group in Japan which is a game that teaches the player how to write hiragana (one of the syllabaries of the Japanese language) fluently through a rougelike mobile game. Here are some screenshots of it:

My other creative arts: Less often now, but I enjoy assembling and painting models from Game Workshop (Warhammer/Warhammer40k). Unfortunately I have none of my models with me and no pictures handy to show off.

As someone who has been interested in creating games for most of his life, my inspirations are often the games I have played, from Super Mario 64 to Dragon Quest to Dark Souls and so on. Outside of games, fantasy and science fictions works have always inspired me like the works of Tolkien, Star Wars, and Warhammer/Warhammer40k. My goal is to simulate the joys and experiences I had in these various games and works in my own games I have created and will create for others.


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