Project Concept: Infinity Mirror, Tunnel of Love

I’ve always been fascinated by infinity mirrors and this project feels like the right opportunity to make my own with a twist.¬† I love how infinity mirrors take a small sliver of space and expand it to as far as light will reach. The majority of infinity mirrors I have come across are simply LED’s in darkness. Even at that level they fascinate me, but I’ve always wanted to build an LED mirror that presented a slightly more¬† scene.

Infinity Mirrors aren’t terrible complicated, but from a little research, the thing that separates good from bad infinity mirrors is how clean they are. If the angles and shapes are skewed, the facade can be broken and the experience worsens.

Whatever is placed between the two mirrors reflects infinitely (or rather, until the light is too dim to see anything), so theoretically, one could place an entire diorama between the two mirrors to create a surreal experience. In this way, I would like to attempt to create an infinity mirror inspired by the Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine:

I’ve been drawn to this image for years and have always wanted to visit, but I thinkI think this use of foliage could create a really cool effect. I hope that if I place LED’s around the outside of the foliage I can create interesting patterns. I’d also love to build a model train track to repeat in a similar way. Additionally to this twist, I want to be able to dynamically pan the back mirror, as when infinity mirrors ‘parallel mirrors’ are slightly skewed, the tunnel effect curves off into the distance. Maybe with this and the LED’s I could create the illusion of moving through a tunnel at high speeds.

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