Polish & Present: Saul Woolf

Its done! (Although not without a fair share of stress and concern)

After having the piece fully working and cleanly contained, I left it running over night. I woke up to find it not working and I panicked, fearing the worst. I tried everything to get it working again; I replace the jumper wires, the LED strip, and the usb cable. Although the micro controller’s LEDs lit up, the actual NeoPixels showed no signs of turning on. The last thing I could think to try was to re-upload code to the microprocessor. This is when I came to the unfortunate coincidental realizations that our wifi had gone down and that the microprocessor I was using, the Particle Photon Board, simply won’t run without an internet connection. I guess a positive outcome is that my wiring is much cleaner than it originally was and that I have a fresh NeoPixel strip in the mirror. I’m excited to continue working on this project and eventually hang this on my wall.

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