Maquette: Saul Woolf

The mirror is coming along! This first prototype, though made out of cardboard showcases the illusion quite well. The mirrors I ordered from do exactly as advertised, and let around 30% of the light pass through, which bounces off the opposite mirror at back out to the viewers’ eyes. The light I’m using is just a wall-mountable closet light, which I’ll eventually need to replace with LEDs. Luckily, I have a ton leftover from my LED matrix project, so I’ll just need to cut them up and re-solder them.

As far as what I still need to buy, I plan on the following:
Shadow Boxes: I’d like to house the eventual infinity mirror in shadow boxes, because they’ll give plenty of space internally to hide wiring, without me having to stress about making it look good. I’ll buy a few and I can put them front to back, depending on how much space I need. I’ll get 8×10 boxes even though my 2-way mirrors are 6×8 so I’ll have some room to work with.

Particle Photon Board: I’ve heard of these but never used them. Its like a Arduino, except their code can be updated via wifi. It provides the convenience of coding on a raspberry pi, with the convenience of running code on an Arduino.

Leaves: Because I’m trying to create an illusion of a ‘forest tunnel’ I need some sort of leaves to put on the sides.

All other things that I need I believe I already have (tools, wire, solder, etc.)

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