Failure, Re-calibration, and Iteration: Saul Woolf

The project is still coming along, but I managed to fail in a marvelous way.

I somehow managed to fail at ordering something to my apartment. I came home to find a UPS notice at my door stating that they could not deliver it. I know it was for this project since I haven’t ordered anything else to my apartment. I’ll need to check my credit card statement when it gets here, because when I went to the UPS store to pick it up they said it had already been returned to sender! But I’ve already received my shadowboxes, leaves, and mirrors, so I genuinely can’t imagine what was lost on the mail.

But in terms of failures in production….

The leaves came in, but they are really big and I can’t imagine I’ll be able to make them look good inside the mirror. Will Schwartz was able to find some smaller foliage on amazon, so I’m going to try that instead.

Additionally, I got two servos for trying to move the mirror around, but my initial attempts don’t give me confidence. The servos move, but under any real weight they seem to fail. I’m going to keep trying, but I’m beginning to think about what the mirror would look like without them.

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