Failure and other Things: Rachel Schiebel

This week I did an incredible amount of failure, I have really out-done myself with this week’s assignment. I attempted to use more flexible thinner clay but unfortunately it fell apart as soon as I tried to pick it up. That was slightly less than ideal, because of that problem I was unable to attempt cutting a thinner piece. Since that didn’t work I decided to laser cut templates to hand cut my clay.

After I did this I decided to go to the studio to cut out some clay. I attempted to cut it and then put it together but the structural stability was not there to do it that way so I began to cut squares without cutting but gently tracing the pattern in the front to cut  out later after it has dried to leather hard.

And that is still too floppy to do anything with, but after I have the pieces drier I will put them together and begin cutting and refining. Because of these setbacks it is unclear wether or not I will be able to produce all three lamps by the end of the term.

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