Failure, Recalibration & Iteration: John Stegeman

For this week, I tackled the issue of images not having clarity when photographed. The next image shows the mage quality to start with.

This image clearly is not nearly good enough for the art project. The issue was that the original diffusion material, parchment paper, that I was using let through too much light and washed out the photograph and removed the sharp features that should have been there.  To remedy the issue I tried standard grey duct tape, which ended up working well first try.  It greatly improved the image quality as shown below.

I ended up improving the image quality further by using black duct tape, which will also look better in a dark room to view the lights in.  To improve viewing, I made up a strip holder out of aluminum angle and an enclosure for the electronics out of an electronics enclosure which I spray painted black to match the theme of the black tape. The holder and enclosure can be seen in the image below.

I also did some experimentation with different images that the system can display. In the gallery below, some of the test images are shown. In order top to bottom they are: black hole, ‘strings’ from string theory, a scary image of a person behind a curtain, a long dimly lit hallway, and earth from space.  To make the photographs the app Long Exposure Camera 2 was used on the default 10 second light trace setting. Alternatively any camera app capable of creating a 10 second exposure will work.

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